Mexican champion in mathematics reveals secret to success | The analysis of problems and no memorizing is the key to a good result in a math competition, said the young champion in this area Olga Medrano Martin del Campo.

During the presentation of the delegations that will represent Mexico in international math Olympics, she said that students who will attend these competitions must follow this methodology to have a good result.

“They do not grade you as if you were at school; they do not tell you are right or wrong. You realize that ideas have a weight, and though you will not get the answer, you advance everything you can on the problem and you can get enough points, “said the student.

Medrano Martin del Campo, aged 17, from Jalisco, won the gold medal at the European Women Math Olympiad that took place in Busteni, Romania, from April 10 to 16.

Her triumph was popularized in social networks with the hashtag #LadyMatematicas.

In the presentation of the delegation that will participate in the most important competition of mathematics to be held in Hong Kong, China, from July 9 to 16, it was emphasized that the bottom line of the training is to understand the problems and not memorize them.

“Since they are kids they like math because it is introduced by playing, that way they are taught. They start with problems where they have to think a lot, something that would be good to implement in schools,” the former chairman of the Mathematics Mexican Olympics, José Antonio Gómez Ortega said.

Meanwhile, the current leader of the committee, Rogelio Valdez Delgado, explained that the integration of former and current participants of Olympics such as coaches is a supplement to improve positions in international competitions.

“Consistently, in recent years Mexico has been in 17 and 19 p|aces of a total of more than 100 countries. There has been progress if we consider that 30 years ago we were in the last places “he said.

In a hotel south of Mexico City, the group of students from secondary level who will participate in the Mathematical Olympiad of Central America and the Caribbean (OMCC) to be held in Kingston, Jamaica, from 14 to 20 June 2016 was also presented.

“The reasoning in mathematics is what helps you in life, because since I walked in I started to go better in all subjects; they make you see things differently, even in English, ” participant Diego Hinojosa Tellez told Notimex.

Meanwhile, the youngest of the delegations contestant, Jesus Sistos Barron, aged 13, was presented as one of the eight members in the category International Mathematics Competition (IMC), to be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from August 14 to 20 of.

“When I heard I cried with emotion, but now what I feel it is a great responsibility for Mexico to have a good international prestige,” said Sistos Barrón.



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