Proceeds from Mexico’s sale of oil to the US adds up to 5.9 Billion dollars

Gasolina PEMEX | Foto: (Archivo) Notimex
Gasolina PEMEX | Foto: (Archivo) Notimex

Alternativo.MX | Washington, July 7.- Mexico obtained 5 billion 927 million dollars in proceeds from its crude oil exports to the US market in the first five months of the year, said the Department of Commerce (DOC).

The revenues corresponded to the sale of 110 million barrels of Mexican oil to the US market in the period from January to May this year.

For the accumulated in the first five months of the year, Mexico is ranked fourth as a net supplier of crude to the United States, a position that has held since April.

Canada is on the first place with an aggregate of 456 million barrels, followed by Saudi Arabia with 157 million, Venezuela with 116 million and Mexico with 110 million.

On a monthly basis, Canada exported 82 million barrels in May, Saudi Arabia 34.5 million, Mexico 20 million and Venezuela 18 million.

In 2014, Mexico exported 290 million barrels to the US market, with customs value of 27 thousand 682 million dollars.

The overall exports from Mexico to the US market were about 118.5 billion dollars in the first five months of 2015.

In turn, the US exports to Mexico totaled about 96.8 billion dollars in the same period.

Mexico’s trade surplus over the United States reached 21.7 billion dollars between January and May 2015.

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